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Larry Christofaro

Mark, a somewhat common challenge and great question. There actually is a way to have Project schedule backwards (Project tab / Project Information / Schedule from: Project Finish Date. I wouldn’t recommend it especially with such a large program and it is a big change from scheduling forward. I personally don’t like the process of figuring out a start date as you now just created a time dependent schedule in which your critical path cannot be delayed.

So if it were me I would try to create a schedule that included a set of primary milestones. Each section/milestone would have at least a minimal about of contingency to mitigate the risk. Each milestone could be fixed or better yet have a deadline to let you know how you are progressing. I have a blog entry on using milestones and contingency if you want to give it a try: http://www.epmsolutionpartners.com/2012/04/managing-schedule-contingency.html.

In short, make sure your schedule will deliver on time and manage to at least some contingency. I can do that better scheduling from the start date than from the finish date. Hope that helps…