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Larry Christofaro

I definitely agree with Darren. He did a good job of walking through a scenario. I might add one addition. Instead of just one hard milestone at the finish of the project, think about setting a handful of hard milestones through the project…either by phase or major deliverable. That way you can maintain some sort of contingency through the project. If you exceed your project end date when you are only 25% through the project, it will be more difficult to replan. If you timebox each phase/deliverable and you see that you are over on design, then it might be easier to cut scope. Otherwise you might be cutting scope later on that you already invested in design effort. Just a thought.

Darren is right, there are as many variations as there are Project Managers (OK, well maybe not that many). The best approach has as much to do with your specific project than a single best practice. Good luck…