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Thanks Larry,

You got me with the Priority,Standard option… I overlooked it an thought it was a default sort option. This cleared up the basic scheduling priority issue, but I’m still having a problem with over allocation- or at least a hint of it. I don’t see the burning man anywhere, but when I review the resource graph I see peaks of 300, 400, up to 900% on a resource that’s allocated only 200% max (2 people). No individual task is using more than 100%, two people working in parallel on separate tasks. For example on Nov 8th I see a peak of 431%, though the resource usage screen only shows 14.65 hours of work that day- from that same resource. About what I would expect. I don’t know if peak is just showing some down-to-the-minute overlap, or what, but it’s disconcerting to say the least.

Meh, maybe I can live with not looking at that screen.

Thanks a lot for fixing my oversight 🙂