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Larry Christofaro

Dan, it’s true that it might be simple but is a very difficult concept to understand and incorporate easily into a schedule. The concept (assuming I understand) has to do with work and allocation. First phase of managing a project is about managing duration. For that you simply assign resources to tasks and “assess” the project schedule manually for over-allocation. Second phase is to manage both time and resources, and for that you need to manage how much work is being assigned to each task. If you have a one day task and assign a resource, Project will assign 8 hours (fully allocate). If the resource can do two tasks then you can only assign the resource 50% allocated on each task.

Assuming that starts to ring a bell it is a huge topic that can make managing a project very frustrating for a beginner in Microsoft Project. Find a good book that can help or stick with managing duration and don’t worry about over-allocation. Good luck…