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Larry Christofaro

K, I’ll try to help if I can. Resource leveling is a bit advanced but a great way to level resources across multiple projects as long as you know the feature. I’m struggling on what the specific example from above. You expected it to change the start date but it stretched out the duration instead. Was the result the same? If a task was in process or their were multiple resources assigned, then the task would stretch out, maintaining the start date. That would also be the case if the weather delay occurred in the middle of the task. For the second example, leveling prioritized the job on the other project based on the leveling sequence. One of the two projects would be stretched out. You can gain more control of what project(s) or task(s) take sourcing priority by using the Priority field and leveling resources to Order: Priority, Standard. I also have a recorded session in the archives somewhere on Leveling Resources. There is another series titled something like Managing Resource Constrained Projects that goes into a lot more detail. HOpe that helps…