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Larry Christofaro

Daniel, it’s one of those simple questions that can take a bit more for an answer…and keep going as you get into the details. The simple version is that the task isn’t complete just because it is past today, and in fact could be complete even in the future if you are marking progress using % Complete (which is the most common way to mark task progress). The problem with using % Complete is that it marks the task progress based on planned duration/work. So if the task is scheduled in the future and you mark it as complete then it’s complete, in the future, and marked on the calendar as complete, like next week. Same situation as in the past.

Now for your question. You didn’t state how you were marking task progress but I’ll assume % Complete. If that’ not the case then let me know. The simple answer is that you marked a task as complete but didn’t mark its predecessor as complete.

There are ways that you can get around this but more than an email response. For more information, go to Project Options / Advanced, and do some searching on the Calculation options for this project (down on the bottom). You should be able to find some blogs of such on how that can help line up your schedule progress to today (or status date) to provide better progress variance reporting. Hope that helps…