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Larry Christofaro

ness, that helps. From what you are saying you want a project level calculation based on probably each phases % Complete. I’ll try to give you some basics but you are talking about a lot of custom fields, rollups, and the a calculation across those phases. You say you have a calculation, and I assume it takes into consideration work that has been done on multiple still open phases. All I can do is provide the basics and have you do some research. Setup a task custom field with a lookup table of your phases, and assign it to each of the phase summary tasks. Then setup a task calculation field (one for each phase), that tests the field equal to the phase and results to the % Complete (assuming that’s the field you want to test against). That gives you a task field that rolls up a single number to task 0 (times six for each phase). You now have six task custom field that contain the % complete for each of your phases. You then need to create a project custom field for each phase that equals the corresponding task calculated field. That results in a project custom field for each of the phases % Complete. You can now create a calculated field that tests each of the project phase % complete fields to come up with a calculated phase.

Yes, it’s a lot of fields, a lot of work, and a lot of overhead. That also assumes your calculation will always produce the correct result. Good luck. In my opinion I’d manage PM compliance to update the project’s phase. Sorry, wish I had a better answer for you.