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I presume your resource pool/master file is a separate project that has all of your other project files linked as read only? If so, why are you not using your pool as a defined and controlled element from the master? We do this to avoid all the typographical errors and options (Finance, Fin, etc.) and keep the table from getting too large. Yes, people can still write to it, and there is clean-up/maintenance that needs to occur but it gives us better resource definition. Then we use a text field (Defined or open naming) to further break down resources (Finance – Estimating, Finance-Payroll, etc.) to find over allocations or bottlenecks. (P) Presuming much of the above, if you open the master file and go to the Resource tab-Resource Pool-Share Resources, are all of your projects showing linked? When done properly, along with which takes precedence in the relationship, when you open the individual files you should get a pop-up asking if you want to open the resource pool too. If not, or you do not always open it then updates from the individual files may not pass over to the pool. (There are some issues/bugs I have discovered too in project.) (P) I have not seen that manual versus auto scheduled has given us issues, but you could check that possibility by testing a couple files (one Auto: one Manual) and see if it makes a difference or not.