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Thanks for your reply. The master file has the other project subfiles linked as read-write, which seems to be what happens when I click project-+subproject. I don’t know how to use the pool as a defined and controlled element from the master. It is a separate resource pool document, if that is what you’re saying. My pool is cluttered with resources from the project that I don’t track, and I’d love to know how to clean them up, but that is a side issue that I suspect is more trouble than it is worth right now.

When I open the master file it asks me if I want to open the resource pool and other linked files, to which I respond yes. If I open one of my individual project files (the subprojects) it doesn’t ask me to open the pool. I suppose I could try allocating the resources from the pool to those individuals and see if the master then works.

Thanks for your help so far. This has given me some ideas.

I have a separate problem (or maybe it is related). In my calculation options I have chosen to “move end of completed parts after status date back to status date” and “move start of remaining parts before status date forward to status date”. I set the status date in the Project Information each week. Sometimes when I put % complete to my projects in the Master they move back in the gantt chart to a date months prior to the status date, which means that the % remaining does not show after the status date. Other tasks work perfectly well, and it does not seem to be isolated to a “bad” subproject. Do you have any thoughts about how to fix this?