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Hi All,
Has anyone had any more updates on this issue. It has been happening on and off for months are in the past few weeks I have seen a significant up-tick in issues. While I still don’t know what is causing the issue, I have been able to pull the end dates back in.

For us, we are using Project Server 2013 Jun 2015 CU. We are using single-entry mode and actuals are only allowed for the timesheets. Our problem is future actual finish dates, (and future actuals in general), but some of these end dates are getting pushed out by decades!

The workaround I have found to repair the issue is through using the Tasks.aspx page. If I go in as a delegate, select the task with the future finish date, edit the end date of the task to the last working day of actual hours on the timesheet. Save on the task page, and then submit that one task for update to the PM. Have the PM approve and publish. Usually this will pull the end dates back in, though in one case, I had to add 1 hour in the schedule, then remove that 1 hr and it updated correctly. I do not have the resources take these steps and have been doing it as an admin delegate and while it is working, it is just a bandaid.

Has anyone figured out where these issues are beginning? It seems to be happening to PMs and resources alike!

Any help or updates would be appreciated! I have working on testing the May 2016 CU, but so far, I am not hopeful that the issue has been resolved.