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As an organization, we are wrestling with this same question as well. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing one option clearly emerging as the answer.
I think a lot of the answer has to do with how you’re tracking and managing the schedule. Bottom line, you want a solution that’s as simple as possible while keeping the Monitor and Control task off the critical path and also not having that task drive the project duration. There are a lot of considerations, such as how time is entered, how the task is configured, are you performing regular Update Project cycles and so on.
Generally, our organization is playing with two options.
1) Fixed Duration Tasks and 2) Recurring Tasks. Both have pros and cons and neither removes the need for the PM to manually monitor/review these tasks on a weekly basis to ensure that resource assignment units/work isn’t being changed and/or the finish date is not driving the project completion date.
Hammock tasks could be an option, however in discussions with MS personnel, they recommended not using these because of the known issues/problems with them.
Does that help?