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Larry Christofaro

Daryl has some good points and testing some of the options. That’s a good thing. As with Daryl, the assumption is that you are tracking or at least estimating total effort. If you aren’t then you don’t really even need this task (think about it). What I see as the options, other than attempting to use macros or VBA which I don’t tend to recommend, include:
1. One task to cover the project: I don’t recommend this as it doesn’t provide any real tracking ability and can affect critical path,as Daryl stated well.
2. Recurring tasks: I really like this one but the down side is the added maintenance. It provides very specific estimates on a weekly basis that can be tracked to see how well you are doing against those estimates. I tend to tweak the weekly tasks so that more time is allocated up front and less as the project continues. It is a true estimate of “planned” hours across the project. If you are entering time in Project Server, then zero out at the end of each week. You now have an accurate variance of your estimated to actual hour.
3. If I’m not that concerned with the details (I’m a consultant so I am in many different environments), I like a hybrid approach of creating a task per phase or major deliverable. This give me some idea of tracking against estimates, but not as complex as recurring tasks. It also has the added benefit of reporting on total hours per phase/deliverable, something that the other options don’t do.
It’s quick and high level but I hope that helps…