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Megan, to concur with Larry above, I’m grasping here. Not knowing if you’ve tried this already…
There is an option in Project > Advanced that says “Automatically add new tables, filters…to global”. When this is checked, any NEW table, view, filter that is NOT in the global will be copied there. Once the view, table, filter is in the global, it will no longer automatically copy changes into the global. You must manually move changes to the global.
Lets assume you had an Entry table, modified it to add Flag1, and saved it to Global. Later in Project 1, you open a view using the Entry table and remove Flag1 column. You now have a version of Entry table in Global with Flag1 and in the local schedule not containing Flag1. In the current schedule, opening that view using Entry table would not show Flag1 because Project will use the local table first. But if you open a new schedule not containing it’s own version of the Entry table and open a view that uses the Entry table, Project will grab the Entry table from Global and the Flag1 field will look like it reappears.
The only thing I can suggest is to access organizer and move an Entry table configured as you want it into your Global and replace the version that is in Global.
One other random thought which may be irrelevant based on the number of days this has been in the discussion board, but I’ll mention it anyway since I always get caught on this. A new version of Global is only loaded when you start PRO. So after saving changes to the Global, shut down PRO and open PRO again to load the new version of Global.