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Jay LeslieJay Leslie

Hi Bjorn,

I’m glad you’re latching on to the difference between managing your plan (what project is good at), and communicating your plan.

There are actually a few separate tools that make Gantt charts and timelines today, specifically for communications purposes. Here are some that we hear of now and again:
-Milestones Professional
-Office Timeline (using PowerPoint)
-Swimlane Timeline (using Visio)
-Timeline Maker

The biggest difference with OnePager is that our charts are purely data-driven, using the data from your Project files (they are also read-only). OnePager is also all about automation. We’re constantly working on ways to make it faster for you, and your team, to push a button and get standardized visuals of your plan in as little time as possible. Milestones can also use your Project files, so if you’re looking for a data-driven, more automated tool, it’s essentially between that or OnePager.

The alternatives will more closely resemble a more planning-specific, manual PowerPoint experience with shapes/Templates set up to work best with timelines…so you’ll still have to work to recreate a manual representation of your plan, and then commit to manually keeping it up to date.

You’re welcome to reach out me directly for any assistance during your search at jleslie@onepager.com.

Good luck!