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Tom Boyle

LBS – essentially Linear/Line-of-Balance scheduling with location coding, can be a very effective schedule and resource management approach for complex projects with repetitive steps. Such projects require scheduling decisions that focus on optimizing production rates for many resources working in parallel, often on multiple workfronts. Two main areas of application are large-scale horizontal construction projects (e.g. railways, highways, pipelines) and vertical construction projects (e.g. floor-by-floor fitouts of skyscrapers). The dominant toolsets that I’m aware of are TILOS (horizontal) and Vico Software (vertical) – both of which are now owned by Trimble. TILOS sells a module for importing CPM schedule data (from MSP or P6). Vico doesn’t mention one in their literature, and the few presentations I’ve sat through haven’t mentioned it – i.e. you have to build the schedule in Vico.

MSP doesn’t directly support LBS, so you might need to make up your own. I’ve cribbed together similar tools using Excel and some rudimentary logic on a few projects, but it isn’t easy.