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Oliver Gildersleeve

Wonderful! Your guidance lead me to Google search for “Microsoft Project Status Date” in which I found Darren Deason’s July 3, 2014, “Working With [Status Date] Field in Microsoft Project Formulas.” It showed that [Status Date] can be used directly in a formula without using another field first. So, I put together the following in a Flag field to identify tasks needing updates, even those that had been split by “Move incomplete parts to the Status date.”

IIf([Actual Start]=projdatevalue(“NA”),IIf([Start]<[Status Date],Yes,No),No)
Or IIf([Actual Start]<>projdatevalue(“NA”),IIf([Resume]<[Status Date],Yes,No))

The first IIF identifies unstartled tasks with a planned Start date before the Status Date.
The second IIF identifies actually started tasks with Resume before the Status Date.

Finally, for a view, I set up a filter for the Flag field = Yes.

But, where do you find other variables such as [Status Date]. It doesn’t appear in the drop down list when you are building a formula. Are there other such variables?