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Hi Daryl!

Thanks for your reply. I may not have been specific enough in my question. Let me elaborate…

I have good control over how to add resources, resource rates and and how it relates to the schedule and how cost increases as work is added.

Let me provide an example of the actual problem:

For the pre study in a project I have resources that are just LOE’s and I have resources that have specific deliverables such as creating Business requirement for a new IT system (done by a Business Analyst). So for this resource I have estimated that I need him/her for 3 months in total. However the actual time that the resource spends on the deliverable is done during the two first months after that I only need to resource the last months to be available to answer questions as a LOE resource. However I need to allocate the resource 100% during the entire 3 months. So If I add the resource as 100% allocated as LOE resources during the entire 3 months I get a could view of the total cost. But when I add to the schedule the specific work that is done during the 2 first months I of course get an over allocation on the resource. so I need to balance the procent allocated on the LOE task and the individual task that the resource do during the period and even do I use a scheduling check tool (Task Inspector) in gets to complicated to keep track of.

Am I making sense here Daryl?