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Sai Prasad
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Hi Luc, It looks like though FS dependency type is set between tasks the last task jumps to the deadline date. Based on the observations stated make the following changes (if not done) in the same sequence
1. Change the Task Mode to all tasks to Auto Scheduled
2. In Project Information (via Project tab), change the “Schedule From” drop down from “Project Finish” to “Project Start”. This will will ensure all new tasks in this plan are scheduled “As Soon as Possible” from Project Start and predecessor set
3. Insert Constraint Type field in Gantt Chart view. If the “Schedule From” was set initially to “Project Finish”, then all tasks will be scheduled by default as “As Late As Possible”. Change the Constraint Type values of all tasks to “As Soon As Possible”

Do you have any work resources assigned to these tasks? If you could provide a link to the screenshot it would help us to troubleshoot and give recommendations.