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Sai Prasad
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Thank you Tom. Thanks for adding another insight on the checkbox “Tasks will always honor their constraint dates”. In Luc’s message, it is mentioned for the last task the constraint type is set to “Finish No Later Than” and for me it looks like Deadline field is not used rather Constraint Type set to Finish No Later Than is used. Also, setting the behavior of FS dependency type changed on whether the project is forward or backward scheduled.

My suggestion is
1. Change the Schedule From: to Project Start in Project Information dailog
2. Change the Constraint Type of all tasks to As Soon As Possible
3. Set Deadline (Advanced Tab) to deadline date on the last task. If the last task misses the Deadline date, you will get alert in Indicator column https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Deadline-task-field-8c6c4acd-1324-484a-a92b-9bd2eb313dfa