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Hi Delveechio
I am in the process of constructing a series of courses dedicated to achieving Microsoft Certified Professional certification using the 74-343 exam. This is for serious users of the product and I’ve split the course into three sections as follows:
1. Perfecting Microsoft Project Part 1 – Initiation and Planning
2. Perfecting Microsoft Project Part 2 – Monitoring and Controlling
3. Perfecting Microsoft Project Part 3 – Certification with the 74-343 Exam
The reason I’ve split the course in this way is because many people assume that they have a solid knowledge of the product for the preparation of plans at the Project Initiation stage. They usually have no real idea how to use it to monitor and record project progress. However, even if they consider themselves to be an expert in the use of Microsoft Project (and indeed they may be), they most likely have no idea of the approach required to pass the Microsoft Certification exam. The exam is not easy in the sense that you really need to practice in a very specific way. So anyone who is using the product on a day to day basis will benefit greatly from my Part 3 course, which teaches them how to approach the actual exam.
I am drip feeding the course contents at the moment and for anyone who is interested I am offering all three courses at a massively discounted rate of €120. The final course cost for each part will be €250 per course. There is no comprehensive offering in the market which really teaches you how to get the MCP qualification, apart from one offered by Prodigy Learning at a cost of €1700.
The only requirement which I need in order to offer access is that you agree to beta test the courses and provide feedback on the contents and quality.
If you are interested I will provide limited access so that you can assess the quality of materials and review my qualifications in this subject area.