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K Cee

Here’s where the complexity comes into the equation and where I’m having problems. There are 16 tasks that must be completed over the span of 5 days. Two resources handle the work load, each working 100% of their time with some tasks utilizing a single resource, and others where both resources are working on a task (one resource handles a higher percentage of the task). For example, a task is 20 hours with resource #1 responsible for for 6 hours and resource #2 responsible for the remaining 14 hours. Also, some tasks are just a few hours while others more. The tasks don’t have to be done in order, they just have to be done within the span of 5 days. I’d like to work using Fixed Units which seems to make sense. Here are some further examples of what I’m working with:
Task #1. 2 hours – Resource #1
Task #2. 14 hours – Resource #1 responsible for 2 hours and resource #2 for 12 hours
Task #3. 6 hours – Resource #2
Task #4 thru #16. All similar to above