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André Stolk

Dear Kerry,
After reading your post, as a PPM consultant, I understand your situation which such circumstances I quite often have met at my clients as well (ad solved them!).
Anyway, I first have some questions and remarks for you, for which I hope you can provide me with an answer:

1. Are you sure that you are “the status manager on all project schedules”? The Status Manager is not on a project level, but rather on task level for tasks that are not further detailed (the lowest / deepest tasks in the WBS). The user who creates the task automatically is the status manager (normally). You are mentioning a custom set-up. Has this something to do with the Status Manager, e.g. is the field being updated automatically while saving the project, by a macro or so?

2. Are you also using project sites? If so, maybe the task list (if synced with the project plan, could be of use for your purpose, by adding an e-mail alert on updates in this list.

Please notice that the e-mail alerts feature on task updates is triggered…
– to resources when the schedule (resource assignments) has been changed and published by the use who has publish-project permission;
– to status manager(s) of task(s), on which updates have been submitted by resources.

So if you are just the Project Owner and maybe Status Manager of some tasks, but other “quasi PMs” also apply updates by creating new tasks or edit the status manager of existing tasks, you won’t get e-mail alerts anymore.
Neither are e-mail alerts sent out to you, as a project owner or status manager, when someone changes the schedule in the project.

If I understand you correctly, you want to receive e-mail alerts when someone applies updates on projects, for instance adding new tasks or changing the schedule, but you are not the assigned resource. Am I right?

Hope this helps, looking forward to your reply.

André Stolk