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Ah. You are right (and I didn’t make the connection until now; hence my Ah!). I am initially the status manager on all project tasks, but once the “quasi” PM goes in and makes a change, they become the status manager. When I get updates from them that changes were made, that is one thing that I update so that I continue to get other notifications.

Your statement below is spot on with what I am looking to do:
“If I understand you correctly, you want to receive e-mail alerts when someone applies updates on projects, for instance adding new tasks or changing the schedule, but you are not the assigned resource. Am I right?”

My path has been to look at the resource manager group and try to configure something there, but since this is new for me, I wanted to make sure 1) is this possible, and 2) is this the right path. It can get rather exhausting Google searching this stuff :(.

Thank you!