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Good Morning R.E.
What you’re asking can easily be done in Project. First, in a Resource Sheet view, add each of your resources. These could be names or more aligned to roles (carpenter1, carpenter2, plumber1, etc.). By default each resource will be provided an 8 hour resource calendar, meaning they are available to work (generally) from 8-12 and 1-5. Don’t worry if your team actually works different hours such as 9-6 because the important part is that they are available 8 hours per day.

In view such as the Gantt view, create your tasks. Double click on each task to display the Task Information Window. Click on the Advanced tab and set the Task Type to Fixed Work. This locks the work value so that MS Project doesn’t change that value.
Side note: Project has a background formula that must stay in balance on every task. Generally, its Duration = Work / Availability (total hours per day). Setting the Task Type to Fixed work locks the Duration aspect of the formula. Meaning, if you physically change the Work value, project changes Duration. If you change the Duration, project changes the Resource Assignment Units (availability), and if you change the Resource Assignment Units, project will change the Duration aspect of the formula.

On each task, assign the appropriate resources. Assigning 4 resources at 8 hours per day, will result in total work of 32 hours per day. If you add to, or remove resources from the task, the task Duration will change.

Hope that helps.