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Hi Daryl,
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I think I understand what you are saying and how the resource types work but I am not understanding how I can use what you are saying in the method That I would like. I understand the concept of the fixed work and yes I agree I am looking to use that. When I read your answer I still see that the duration = 1 day=8 hours of work, and a carpenter = 8 hours. I seem to be able to go in manually after the fact and hard code the duration to 1 day and have 4 men assigned but that is not really what I am looking to do. What I would like to do is set task value Day = 32 hours. Meaning If I assign one man to the task it will shift duration to 4 days, assign 4 men duration stays at 1 day. As far as I can tell the schedule is based as 1:1 (1 day of work = 1 day worth of man hours. I guess what I am not understanding I how you apply this to a large scale job. How would I build the project If I had a job that was due in 5 days no one person could work over 8 hours a day but it was going to need 500 man hours to complete. By design of the task the easiest way to plan it was to do about 100 man hours a day. But I also would want to know what would happen if I did a little more on day 2 and a little less on day 5. To my thinking the best way to set up would be to give the value day= 100 and then add or subtract men=8 hours as need. Make sense?
Thanks Again