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Larry Christofaro

OK, I’m losing you a bit on all the details but let me give you a couple of other suggestions. First thing to do is to define your required constraints. What has to be done before others with required lead time. Then what I usually do, because I know more about my tasks than Project does, is to use and set task priorities. Priority 1000 says do not level the task. 999 is high down to 1 is lowest priority. Then change the leveling order from Standard to Priority, Standard in your Leveling Options. This gives you control over what tasks you want Project to level first. Tips:
* Prioritize the entire project. Set leveling ranges throughout the project (Initiation-900’s, Requirements-800, Design-700s, etc.)
* Multiple tasks can have the same number so it doesn’t need to be an exact science. Start with groups, level the project, then tweak the results by changing priorities of certain tasks.

This should give you what you need. Required constraints are important, and then you have control of the project from there.

Hope that helps…