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Larry Christofaro

Jigs has some good advise. I’ll add to his recommendations as I use Microsoft’s leveling feature a lot.

I get very frustrated when anyone says that you should “always” or “never” do something in Project (like one resource per task). That’s never the case…pun intended. There are just too many ways to manage a project to state something is a must. I would agree that assigning one research (or as few as reasonable) will work better when using Microsoft’s leveling feature, but that’s true with any scheduling technique where you want to level resources, automatic or manual. Large schedules with several resources on most tasks cannot be successfully leveled accurately. I’ve managed large, even multi-schedule programs using Microsoft’s leveling feature, and wouldn’t know how else to level it. The key is to keep it simple. Lots of tips and tricks but as an example…instead of assigning a development lead on every task, assign him/her to a single task called something like “Development support”. This can help whether you are using Microsoft’s leveling feature or leveling manually. KISS…

MPUG has several videos on Microsoft leveling, including a 3-part series that I produced. Sorry for the rant, probably more than you were looking for. Good luck…