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Larry Christofaro

TJ, great question. Microsoft can be pretty tricky on how it reacts to assigning resources. There are so many options in task types, effort driven, and the multitude of options to enter resources (task sheet, assign resources, split screen). I can tell you that Microsoft does what you tell it to do and is consistent in its method.
Anyway, I tend to use a split screen with the task details to enter and manage resources because it provides the most flexibility. It’s a few more keystrokes, but works best if you need the flexibility (which it seems to in your case). If in doubt, enter both the units and work for each resource and Project will solve the duration. I keep tasks as Fixed Units, not Effort Driven and use the task details pane. Best tip is to learn the split screen to assign resources. Entering just units, just work, or both can solve most scenarios. Hope that helps…