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In looking into the filter solution, there are a plethora of start and finish fields you could use in mapping to the [Status Date] (somewhat hidden data field in MS Project). Essentially you’ll need to create a Flag field (no need to use a date field unless your date calculating on the fly) to hold the evaluation of % Complete < 100, with a Finish or Start date (actual or otherwise) that is “less than” < the [Status Date] field. You can string as up to 7 Boolean And’s in between decision indicator (YES or NO) for the result but doing so becomes quite complex. For my team I made it simple, so long as the [Start] is before the [Status Date](which could be months ago) AND the [Finis] is before the [Status Date] and the task isn’t complete (100%) I flag it. I chose this approach because I want to see ALL TASKS, needing Status for the Current week and we do weekly status and metrics reporting; if you just want to see everything needing status remove the Finish block and you’ll get all open tasks needing attention.

IIf((([% Complete]<100) And [Start]<[Status Date]) And [Finish]<[Status Date],”Yes”,”No”)