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Thomas Boyle

Yes, if your 20-hour calendar is named “5dx2sx10h” and your resource is named “r-5dx20h,” and your Project Hours per day is in fact 10. BUT, you’ll need to re-type the quotation marks if you have copied directly from the post.

That formula is a one-off for the specific conditions you named. If you’ve used particular forethought in naming your calendars and resources, then you might try something a little more general, like this one, which a) Allows for multiple 20-hour calendars (e.g. 7d and 5d), and b) automatically factors the duration based on any value of Hours per day (not just 10):

IIf(InStr([Task Calendar],”20h”) Or InStr([Task Calendar],”2sx10h”) Or InStr([Resource Names],”20h”),[Duration]/(20*60/[Minutes Per Day]),[Duration]).

You could expand this same condition using nested IIfs or a Switch function to apply to all other hours-per-day calendars in the project – just copy and modify the “20” and “10” terms appropriately.