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Jigs Gaton
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Hi Christine, welcome to MPUG! What I like to do (and I’ve done all that you describe above, and then some), is to use Project Plan 365 (http://www.projectplan365.com) to add collaborators to my project plans. They can either use the free or paid version to view or edit the schedule that you produce, by just examining your plan as presented. Collaborators can see most all the views that you can, and all you have to do is share the .MPP file online. Depending on what collaborators need to do (and how much each collaborator pays the app developer), they can sort, filter, add and update the project data contained in the .MPP file. The tool is simple to use, and is basically a lightweight version of MSP – plus does stuff that MS Project can’t do, like open up a .MPP on an iPhone (without a web browser). With a business plan from Project Plan 365 website, the PM can even define what collaborators can change or not, and all collaborators can work on the same plan in real time (i.e. you are all in the schedule together, in real time). See next week’s MPUG newsletter for my article on “Real-time Collaboration” for more info. Best, Jigs