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Richard Lynch

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the input.

Couple of points for consideration.
1. I have 7 integrated (hard Linked) sub-projects in the Program. Total line count across the program is approx 15k lines
2. I have enterprise level outline codes to group the critical path activities cross projects within the program so that I can open up the master and subprojects and Run a high level gantt view. (design,build,Unit Test, System Test, SIT UAT OAT, Training, DATA load, Environment Prep, Go- live etc)
3. the Sub-projects all update working schedule through COB Wednesday nights. I open Program schedule (Master and subs) on Thursday to review impacts to program timeline and then Publish the program to the portfolio. I then run all time line and exception reports Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

This week one the project schedulers jumped into a “working” schedule early Friday morning and made changes to the sub-project. When i re-ran a report from the published schedule to change gantt bar colour (blame the boss) I identified a significant slip to the timeline dates.

This highlighted that the Program master schedule (published to PWA) is loading information from the Working schedule (non-published).

I’ve never come across this pollution of the published schedule with info from the working schedules.

We use the PWA Test server for scenario analysis and What Ifs.
We use the deliverable functionality of Server and hyperlinks to Change requests and Sharepoint based Risks and Issues and document repositories.