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If memory serves, Project only allows block edits (in the calendars) based on weekdays or months. Meaning, you can set all Mondays as 8-5 work days, etc. I think your solution is to create a new calendar with a name such as tenfour. Then set every day to be a working day with the appropriate 10 hour shift. Next, manually count ten days “on” and then for the next four days, set them as non-working days. Count the next 10 days and then set the following 4 days as non-working. Repeating this for as long as needed in the calendar.
Setting every day as a working day with the correct shift is simple. By doing this first, you only need to identify and edit the non-working days and mark them as such individually, which is also simple.

If anyone else knows of a way to simplify this, let us know!

Hope that helps.