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Rob Steinbach

Hi Daryl:

Thanx for your well considered answer. I will say that the sheer extent of baseline date changes are as unlikely to be anything the PM has done to individual dates as it is for me. What may have happened is one or the other of us may have accidentally set a new baseline (0) inadvertently, but I’m really not inclined to seriously consider that either. The different versions may be a better candidate for the problem.

As far as establishing rules for baselines and other stuff, the PMs are not supposed to be changing any schedules that have been assigned to a scheduler, but any of them that feel they want to do their own changes do so despite corporate policy, with no repercussions that I can see, so nothing I do or say will have much or any effect. One thing that may at least allow me to have better control would be your idea of setting one of the numbered baselines, and then periodically compare that against the “official” one. Not sure how I can accomplish that at this point, since much has occurred and been updated in the schedule since the November baseline was done.

Ultimately, I must say that I still feel a strong possibility that there is something wrong in MSProject itself, but it is so poorly controlled that there is little that can be done with it. You pointed out one of the most serious deficiencies, in allowing baseline to be editable AT ALL. I can’t even tell you how aggravated that makes me, and how poorly that reflects on Micro$$oft. “Infinite wisdom” — posh and balderdash!

Anyhow, thanx again.