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Jason Walsh

James – I’ve noticed this issue for years. I’m having real problems with Project 2013 now. If you indent a row it decides to lift some tasks and stick them at the top of the plan – again, as I recall, it’s always done this.
What is driving me nuts right now is that when I try to save, it says it’s read-only so I try to save with a new file name – no, it’s doesn’t like that, so I save straight – seems to work but when you open the file it’s either corrupted or doesn’t open at all.
I’ve tried the saving to XML trick and then opening that but no, says the file is buggered – I’ve tested this using a stable working file that isn’t buggered, but still no dice.
Yesterday, the save-as wouldn’t work, so I just kept saving the same file. The time stamp confirmed that it was saving. Today I open the plan and all the task are jumbled.
I’ve tried restoring previous versions of the file but then project will hang and not open at all requiring a system restart. I’ve come to the conclusion after using Project on over a dozen client laptops in the past 20 years, that MS Project is an unstable piece of trash. I shouldn’t have to be a master planner with a deep and detailed knowledge of the tool to manage a two thousand line plan – again I’m not doing anything clever; no coding, special formatting or even resource levelling, just creating a schedule with predecessor tasks linked throughout.
I wish you luck, but I don’t hold out much hope.