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Miles Goodchild

All the metric elements can be easily done with a copy and paste operation from a defined view in MSP into an excel sheet. Then you can have a second sheet which does all the calculations and presents the results. In this way the only “operation” is a simple copy and paste.
The Gantt chart is harder – if it is truly simple, one-item-per-line you could use a stacked chart to make a Gantt chart however if the desired picture is more complex then this will not work. Alternatives would be to make a view in MSP which shows what you want and then copy and paste it into your “display” sheet.
I use SummaryPro to make simple to maintain “plan on a page” summaries but that’s not surprising as this is what I developed it to do. It can’t make charts etc showing % of tasks delivered – I would always use the method show at the head of this reply for that.

A more advanced option is to look at something like PowerBI to reach into the MSP database and do all the data manipulation which will have the advantage that you will be able to provide greater flexibility is terms of what is displayed on the dashboard allowing your users to dig into the data in more details however it will not do a complex Gantt view…