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Daryl Deffler

See if this link helps.

A few additional thoughts, assuming the subcontractor tasks is the issue
* Your sub-contractor task has a start date of February 11 2019 and a finish 8 months later of October 11, 2019. This hints that Project may think your task has an erroneous actual start back in February. I ran into this bug many times and while there were a myriad of bizarre ways to get Project to fix this, the easiest way was often to create a new task and remove the old one assuming no actual hours had been posted yet. If project thinks there was work way back on 2/11, that could be part of the problem.
* As indicated in the link, When you set a fixed duration, that becomes the duration, regardless of the needed hours/days. Try changing the task type to Fixed Units so that project will calc duration.
* Try adding the time value to the date field display. Sometimes Project will overrun your expected duration by a matter of minutes, causing the duration to look longer. For example, instead of the task finishing on Monday 5:00 PM, it is finishing on Tuesday at 8:03 AM.

Hope that helps