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Larry Christofaro

Hi Colleen, Tom’s answer is right on when dealing with the calendar…nice job If you are talking about the options within the Schedule tab such as Default task type and Effort Driven, I do that all the time when I take over a project but it does have some considerations. Changing these options doesn’t affect tasks already created and is only set for new tasks. That means you will end up with tasks with different schedule configurations, which may be a problem depending on how you use Project. I configure all my tasks the same, so for me I need to change the options and then change all existing tasks to match. Making these changes to existing tasks won’t have an immediate affect, only when making future changes to those tasks. In short you can make these types of changes without changing your schedule, and your schedule will act accordingly with future changes and task additions.

On the other hand changing tasks from manual to/from auto scheduled will change your schedule, so it does depend on what you are changing. Let me know if you have questions on any specific option. Hope that helps…