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Bill Stewart

Hi, the original poster has a really good point. And I am encountering it right now. And there is another issue.

In many places in my large schedule for a large project, the individual tasks overlap, but there is one manager. For example, there are lot of business process activities, many overlapping, under one Business Process summary task. To try and allocate 50% of the manager to the first part of an individual activity, then 33% to the last couple days, and so on, to achieve 100% leveled allocation across all the business process work would be a nightmare. I would have to divide up many of the individual tasks at the overlap point, making the project almost unreadable.

It is much better, clearer, easier, and more accurate to simply allocate the manager 100% to the entire summary task.

There is no problem, if you don’t allocate resources at both the summary and indented tasks. And honestly, I cannot imagine why you would make that mistake in the first place.

Hope this makes sense.