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Larry Christofaro

Hi Keith, I’m not that familiar with Jira but I have discussed and read a bit on the dilemma. What I hear is that Jira is still a better overall tool for agile development. It’s user friendly, inexpensive, and provides better team collaboration than Project. Project has agile features, but the Task view and SharePoint is too complicated and restrictive. I think I heard that reporting in Jira is simple with many out of the box reports to support agile. Jira settings and configuration are typically managed much closer to the team than in Project.

Project excels in the enterprise portfolio space, programs, and especially large project execution. Project goes up the chain so much better than Jira. Microsoft Teams is a big step in providing the breadth and simplicity needed for small team collaboration. Power BI is simple and I assume will soon (if not now) provide agile templates/content packs for out of the box reporting. That plus a Jira integration that Microsoft says is their future direction (some vendors provide options already) should solidify a solid Microsoft solution.

Pros and cons as I understand it. Please note that some of the above is secondhand. I’m also looking forward to additional comments or corrections and wanted to add to the conversation. Hope that helps…