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Hi Keith,
Jira set up requires a choice of either a Scrum board or a Kanban board. Scrum work is broken down into User Stories that are organized into Sprints (2-weeks is standard). Kanban breaks the work into Issue types that can be tasks, stories, bugs, or Epics. Regardless of the type of work, Issues are moved through four stages: Selected for Development, In Progress, In review, and Done. The idea is to break work down into actionable chunks. Once the Product Owner selects the work for development, anyone can take the issue (task) and work it.

In regards to your schedule question, there is no gantt chart in Jira. Jira is not a scheduling tool in the traditional critical path sense. https://confluence.atlassian.com/confeval/jira-software-evaluator-resources/jira-software-does-jira-software-provide-a-gantt-view-out-of-the-box 3rd-party Add-ons provide Gantt charts, Roadmaps and other views but they are really more of a pretty picture like Visio rather than a scheduling engine. That is what managers like; a pretty picture.

The predicted finish date of work in Jira is known through Story Point estimates and Velocity. It is called Relative Estimating.
You really need to decide if the work you are planning/performing is predictive in nature or not. And the drivers/requirements for the project. And if possible, use of both MS Project and Jira will give different views of the work to better understand the scope through the various phases.

Best to you!