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Jim Masen

My Experience between seeing Jira and MS Project inter-relationship is that MS Project can keep a set of stories focused on the larger picture. Project can do this in either a Portfolio perspective or a Tier 0 or Tier 1 schedule perspective within an overall effort. Project can maintain the focus on Key Deliverables and Milestones whether this is features and functionality or a physical product that has software and hardware inter-relationships. As much as Jira and Agile might believe there is no time bounding of their activity and the story will be done when the story is done, various stakeholders, shareholders, inter-team dependencies, government certification agencies, and contracts do have time expectations. Someday is not a reasonable response. I have seen many Jira project build a camel based upon a product manager and customer “desires” and “pressures” when the contractual or customer requirement was to build a horse. The excuse of “we did what you asked and prioritized” at the end of the day is a failure of a change control process or lack there in. Not to go down a rabbit hole, but one of the 737 Max software failures was the prioritization. The software bug was known, but was never important enough. There are many other cultural factors at play as well in this tragedy.