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Eric Uyttewaal

Hi Msua,
If you just insert subprojects, you will always see duplication of resources, even if the resources have the same name: MS Project does not reconcile the resource names (without a shared resource pool). So, what you need to do first is, like Larry suggested, build a Shared Resource Pool. You can do this in one of two ways:
1) Create an MPP-file with resources only and then connect each subproject to this shared resource pool file for the resources (and all assignments). Then you create the master schedule by inserting the Shared Resource Pool file first, then all other subprojects. This solution is limited (because of its architecture and old code): You should not exceed more than 20 resources: so, it is only an option if you work with generic resources only.
2) Subscribe to Project Online for about USD $30/per month per project manager (“Project Plan 3”), which provides an enterprise-strength shared resource pool for you and you save all the subprojects into this central project repository. You can create generic AND actual resources in this shared resource pool. When you build your master schedule, MS Project will automatically reconcile all resources and aggregate their workloads for you. I recommend this route in most cases.

Hope this helps!