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Daryl Deffler

Let me first say, I’ve had no experience doing what you are attempting to do and no MSPO background. I had worked with Server for several years. With that said…here’s a few thoughts.

I’m assuming MSPO has an Import function since one exists in the desktop and server versions. Have you looked into that?
You may have to import each project individually and then re-establish all the links from your master project to the sub-projects, which are now in new locations.

Resources may also be an issue. I don’t know if they can be imported. If importing to MSPO works, MSPO may treat the resources already defined in the imported projects as “local” resources. If your new MSPO environment will be using enterprise resources or you’re using the master project as a resource pool (for the sub-projects), you may need to manually convert/switch the current task resource assignments to the new MSPO resources. Meaning, if Bob is defined in the MSPO as an enterprise level resource, if Bob is defined as a resource in an imported project, MSP would see those as two different resources.
Project Server has a function that allows you to swap resources if you are using local and enterprise resources. Don’t know if MSPO does. If memory serves, that functionality is in the Build Team from Enterprise function of Server. Again, not sure if that’s in MSPO. If it’s there, you can simply tell MSP to swap all of “Bob’s” task assignments to “George”. It worked well and was one of the very useful features I used regularly as resources were swapped in/out of the project teams.

You may also have to re-do resource calendars as well.

No guarantees on any of these items, but simply suggestions that might help you look in other areas of MSPO.

Don’t know if that helps, but since nobody else chimed in…I’ll try 🙂

If this doesn’t help or give you some ideas, I’d suggest you identify some of the ways you’ve tried to address this problem here. This may help other viewers identify potential solutions.