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Daryl Deffler

While I can’t give you an answer to your question, my first question is does the MSP plan really need to be this accurate/specific? I don’t know the background specifics related to your question. But as a PM, I’d ask many questions to determine what’s driving the need for this level of scheduling in an effort to determine if this level of management is really required.

I’ve run projects with teams in different US and international time zones. When I dug deeper into time zone related scheduling needs, I concluded that this level of specificity really provided no benefit (in my cases) to the schedule and in reality made managing it more complicated than it really needed to be. Meaning, if a task is scheduled to start on Monday, does it really matter that it started on 8:00 AM Monday in EST or PST? Bottom line, it started on Monday as planned. If its supposed to finish on Tuesday, regardless of it finishing on Tuesday at 5:00 EST or 5:00 PST, is the task done by Wednesday morning?

So my advice would be to consider the driving reason for this need and ask if that need justifies the additional work that may be required to manage the plan.

I know this is not a specific answer, but I’ve run into many PMs who end up making their jobs way more complicated than they need to be trying to support needs(?) such as these.
Hope this helps