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Daryl Deffler

If I may extend Sai’s comments. There are a lot of inter-twined fields related to units.
Max Units at the Resource Sheet serves as the default Assignment Units when that resource is initially assigned to a task. If Bob’ Max Units is 80% and Bob is assigned to Task A, by default, Bob’s Task Assignment Units will be auto-filled-in at 80%. However, once the Assignment Units are defined, any changes to Bob’s Max Units will NOT alter any task with Bob’s Assignment Units already defined on that task. Meaning, if I changed Bob’s Max Units to 50%, Task A will still show Bob’s Assignment Units at 80%.
When the schedule is Resource Leveled, Task Assignment Units drive the majority of the leveling process and the Resource Sheet Max Units are used to check for and flag over allocations.
So if you look at the big picture;
* Resource Availability (Resource Information) defines availability over an extended (typically) period like a year. These are also used to define changes in billing rates (On May 10th, Bob’s project cost increases from $40/hour to $50/hour) if the project is tracking costs in this manner.
* Project then Resource, then Task Calendars define which days the resource is working and for how long on each day. Project calendars typically define project work days. Resource Calendars define work/vacation days for a specific resource. For example, Bob works the normal 8 hour days from the Project Calendar except next Wednesday when he only will work 4 hours total. Task Calendars override the other calendars for that specific task only. For example, Bob’s typical work week is M-F, but for the implementation task, all assigned resources will work on Sat/Sun.
* Max Units (Resource Sheet) provides the default Task Assignment Units when the resource is initially assigned to a task and are used for over allocation detection during Resource Leveling
* Assignment Units (Task), defines the percentage of time that the resource can work on that task on any work day as defined by the Project/Resource/Task Calendars. Note that the Assignment Units is the percentage of total work time available based on the Calendars. If Bob is assigned 50% on Task A, he would be scheduled 4 hours/day for his normal 8 hour work day. If however, Bob was only available to work a total of 4 hours on Wednesday, then the 50% is based on the total availability of 4 hours.

Hope this helps