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Dan Schaeffer

I do what bobc455 does. I have a flags column tagged ‘Hi-level’ and a filter that removes everything for which that field = no. Personally, I like lots of detail. I log every action item from every email or meeting in my .mpp (even pasting fragments of emails into comments). My .mpp file is my single source of truth for everything going on in the project (my current one’s over 100 mb). For a single document I might have separate tasks for 1) drafting 2) prelim review 3) update 4) upload/submit for review in PLM system 5) approval. Certainly some people think I’m balmy but I can’t deal with tracking 20 different documents crawling their way to maturity any other way. An added benefit is I can list all of the approvers as resources on the approval task and if someone’s going on leave or extended PTO I’ll be able to spot that potential delay the minute they tell me about their PTO. I’ve come to rely on summary tasks less and less and favor filters and reports with flag columns. Stuff is just too damn complex to try and impose a top-down hierarchical ordering. In my experience people who have really large-grained tasks don’t really know what they’re working with. Case in point: one of the 3 PMs I’m working with sent me his schedule with a 2 week estimate for a ‘debugging’ task. We’re now in our 12th week and climbing. El Diablo really lives in those details.