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Without knowing more context about your company and project(s)…

I would probably (depending!!!) enter that as a single activity with 2-week duration. Then I would open the task details and enter the estimated number of hours of each resource. For instance for people who would be sitting in 4×2 hour meetings, I would show them consuming 8 hours over the 2 weeks. For other people who attend the meetings then have “homework” between meetings (related to the activity), I would estimate that number of hours and add it to the 8 (perhaps 48 hours spread over the two weeks).

I would just stick with the “flat” work contour even though that’s not really true. But in my world it makes no sense to track every hour of people’s day, I’m lucky if I can get the correct number of hours over a week. But really all I’m doing with my resources is watching for drastic over-allocations. For example if I add 48 hours of work to someone who is already doing another 80 hours of work on a different task then I’ll get a flag that says I need to look deeper and maybe re-shuffle. On the other hand if I add 8 hours (over 2 weeks) to someone who is doing 80 hours of work, I might just consider that “noise” and not bother delving further. It all depends on the situation.

Things that would impact how I handle it could potentially be:
– How resource-constrained is my company (and project)
– How hours are tracked and charged (if they are at all)
– The criticality of the meetings, and whether the successors are “hard” or “soft” dependents (i.e. is the successor task REALLY constrained by having everything be 100% complete as an outcome of the meetings)
– The nature of communication within (and outside of) the project team
– The topic of the meetings and how central it is to the project, or whether the topics are more “administrative” or tangential

Your mileage may vary. Actually it WILL vary, and that’s why Project Management is as much of an art as it is a science. Sometimes neat formulas work, sometimes we have to be creative about determining the needs of our organization and understand when things might have to bend around a bit.

-Bob C.