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Hey Daryl-

Oh wow! I’ve been using MS project almost 15 years now, and I always assumed that % complete was tied to actual work and not just duration. I’m sure it was happening to me before, but I’m in a new environment which is heavily R&D (and therefore heavily multitasking) so it’s probably more noticeable to me now.

It seems the only other option I have is to check the “Edits to total task % complete will be spread to the status date” box, which is unchecked by default. At least that’s what I think the article refers to. I still won’t get a clean representation of hours spent on the job so far versus % complete shown, but it will be a little closer (and at least now I understand why I’ll be seeing a discrepancy). And the good news is that the discrepancy really won’t have a huge impact on resources since it’s really just a reporting thing and I’ll be cognizant of this as I am looking at resource usage / availability across departments.

If I was really brave I’d start playing around with different work contours in this situation but I think I’ll find other ways to obtain my excitement…


-Bob C.