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Thanks for the responses.  I took a closer look at the particular project that I was testing with and the tasks weren’t set to publish No” — not sure how that got missed, but I was using a bad example.  However, I tried the test again with a project that DID have all tasks set to publish “No”, and still can’t get the project summary task/row 0 to not display on my timesheet list.

I have Project Server 2010.  All tasks are set to publish No in the plan, I close tasks to updates (including row 0) using Server Settings>Close Tasks to Update>Select the project>lock all tasks on all pages (using the page control at the bottom of the list)>publish.

The project name is still available in my timesheet — though there are no tasks to pick from.  However if I’m creating a task, I can simply pick the old project from the timesheet list and create a task for it.  If I then accept the new task as Status Manager (because I didn’t pay attention to the plan name), I’ve now added this task to the plan and made it available as an unlocked task (in a plan with row 0 & all others tasks locked) — and it can be used for time reporting.

Though it seems like locking row 0 to updates should do the trick, it doesn’t hide the old project name, or prevent a timesheet line item from being created in our 2010 enterprise environment.

Thanks for all the feedback!  At least I feel like I’ve tested it all I can:).